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Concrete Construction Services

Testimonials from our Concrete Construction Customers 


Concrete Pool DeckBlazona Concrete Construction, Inc. prides itself on providing excellent customer service. We are continually evaluating and improving our products and services to ensure all of our customers have a great experience with us. Here’s what some of our customers had to say:


“Blazona Concrete Construction has given us the best in concrete construction service, quality and value. As an estimator, I owe a fiduciary duty to our clients to ensure that their projects receive the very best attention, pricing and professional services.”

“Blazona Concrete Construction has recently completed several projects, and will soon start
another. Blazona's level of professionalism, workmanship and project coordination is excellent.
Its personnel are a pleasure to work with; they are extremely dedicated to each project and
responsive to all of our needs. I would highly recommend Blazona Concrete Construction to any
firm or individual looking to hire a concrete contractor. The assistance they provide from
budgeting through estimating and completion of the project is exceptional.”

“Blazona Concrete Construction exemplifies what the combination of positive attitude, quality
personnel, and a team approach can accomplish each and every day on each and every project
We look forward to many more successful years and projects with Blazona Concrete

- Rick Thompson, Chief Estimator, Chatfield Construction


“When I needed a concrete slab for a new building to store my collector cars, Blazona was referred to me by a friend who had put up a similar building the year before and was very satisfied.”

“Blazona came in with a fair bid and was very professional in all aspects of the project. Each phase of the project was completed on time, according to the schedule we had discussed and now, nearly a year after the pour, the building is complete and there are no cracks in the slab. Thanks Blazona.”

- Bob Silva, Homeowner


“We really appreciate how Blazona Concrete Construction conducts business. They are professional, honest and customer oriented. With extensive resources, Blazona performs well on every project. As part of your team, you can count on Blazona to contribute to your project’s success.”

- Steve Harrison, Harrison Construction


"Blazona Concrete Construction has been a key partner of Tim Lewis Communities for many years proving year in and year out that they truly understand quality and value where ultimately we can provide the finest homes with the best value for buyers throughout our region”

- Pat McPhetridge, Tim Lewis Communities